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Microsoft Kinect to Explode in 2011

Using my personal experience as a guide, I can tell you hands down that the Xbox 360 Kinect is a breakthrough in technology. Here is a little secret which I will share with you about what happened when I actually...

Rage HD for iPad AND iPhone Impresses

I am an ex-video game junkie having spent my youth either working or spending my money on video games. I started with Pong, then Space Invaders and finally Asteroids, Pacman and virtually everything else such as Centipede and Donkey Kong.Thanks...

Kinect as Spying Tool

You already know I love Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360 - and the sports game is pretty awesome having used it for a few hours. My shoulders hurt from boxing and ping-pong - quite amazing how the brain dupes...

Xbox 360 Kinect Review

I tested the Xbox 360 system with full-body motion sensing system Kinect a few months back and said it was revolutionary. I had a chance to spend hours with it today and that early opinion I developed is right on....

Best Buy CRM Challenge

Although I cannot vouch for whether this is true, the story of Best Buy allegedely screaming at someone for purchasing a video game which is rated for mature audiences could get some play on network TV. Apparently the store accused...
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