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Skype Does SIP Trunking

Skype announced today that it is getting into the SIP trunking business by allowing native SIP calls to be connected directly to its network allowing enterprise communications systems to communicate seamlessly with Skype's network of users. During the Beta period,...

Skype Working

It seems Skype is indeed up and running once again. As you may recall, TMCnet’s Tom Keating broke the news of the outage last week when he heard many of the TMC team members were not able to communicate with...

Vonage Does Better

Although Vonage is still not profitable it is doing better. In its latest quarter it reported a loss of $0.22. This compares to a loss of $1.16 per share last year. Vonage said it gained about 57,000 net subscriber lines,...

Tom Ridge to Speak at ITEXPO

I am looking forward to hearing Tom Ridge’s comments at the upcoming Internet Telephony Conference & Expo this month in Ft. Lauderdale Florida (January 24–27). Secretary Ridge will present his thoughts on a number of issues ranging from security to...
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