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Thanks to Dubya - No Free Wireless Internet

I am deeply saddened by the fact that the Bush administration pressured the FCC to cancel a meeting on a vote which would have put free broadband in the hands of hundreds of millions of Americans. This is my opinion...

Get Out and Vote!

I just voted. I respectfully request you do the same. Have a great day. Here are some pictures of what I saw as I voted. By the way, the wait to vote was longer than ever and some people had...

Facebook Benefits Obama Most

As candidates embrace more and more web 2.0 concepts, they begin to outpace many companies in their use of new age tools. Recently in fact the McCain campaign emailed a series of videos which let his supporters choose which video...

Politicians Ignoring Small Business

I just received this e-mail from John Cpin, VP of Communications, Westin Rinehart and I thought it worth passing along as it makes some good points. --- January 16, 2008 John Cpin 202.466.3050 George Cloutier Statement       A...
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