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Yahoo! VoIP Peering

I just had a chance to catch the news about Yahoo!'s latest VoIP peering announcement with VSNL and Teleglobe. Incidentally I am speaking next week at the Voice Peering Forum event in LA. Hope to see you there!...

Telx Sold

I had been hearing rumors of the sale of Telx for a while. Many I spoke with feared an incumbent provider would do the purchasing. As you may know Telx provides the physical location for much of the voice peering...

VoIP Peering and Metcalfe’s Law

For years now I have been writing about VoIP/voice peering (Where Is VoIP Peering Headed?, CableLabs VoIP Peering RFI, INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine Declares 2006 Year of VoIP Peering, Peering Into The Future), , ) and discussing how this concept is...

Shrihari on Net Neutrality

Shrihari Pandit of the VPF was having a discussion with me about how in the future anyone will be able to broadcast TV over IP. I mentioned net neutrality and he came up with an interesting point. If indeed service...

Voice Peering Forum Miami 2006 Day One

When I arrived at the show today I met with Shrihari Pandit the person who invented the concept of the Voice Peering Fabric (VPF) and we spoke for a great while about all the things going on with the VPF...

VoIP Peering Keynote in Miami

Join me in Miami for my keynote at the Voice Peering Forum. I declared 2006 as the year of VoIP peering and I think I was spot on. Come to this forum and find out where the world of VoIP...
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