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15 Things to Know About Tim Cook's Comments

Last night Apple's Tim Cook was at The All Thing D tech conference and this is what you need to know about his comments: He says he will blow us away in 2 weeks at the WWDC There is more...

Sony Dash, AT&T Femtocell, 3PAR, Dell and HP

This morning my new Sony Dash arrived in my office and I have been meaning to set it up all day but failed. This gadget is essentially an iPad which is more chunky, cheaper and needs a plug to operate....

Mossberg iPad Video Review

Walt Mossberg has had an iPad for about a week and in a video review he points out some of the good and bad. The bad first - he points out a lack of USB ports (there is a USB...

Mossberg on iPhone Apps

Walt Mossberg does a pretty good job of explaining why you might want to use the latest 3G iPhone and its applications in this video. He outlines 10 applications which you may be interested in from one that lets...

Mossberg: 3G iPhone in 60 Days

Who am I to doubt Walt Mossberg the Wall Street Journal tech reviewer who gets his hands on gadgets before most others. According to Mossberg, we will have an iPhone capable of 3G speeds in less than 2 months....
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