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Heading to Satellite 2011 in DC

My team is at a number of events this week and many of us will be at the Satellite 2011 show in Washington DC. I am heading down there now and hope to see some of my readers at the...

Heading to Satellite 2010 in DC

I am on the train now and heading down to the Satellite 2010 expo in Washington, DC. I have wall-to-wall meetings for a few days and will do my best to keep you posted on the latest in the satellite...

Google's Government Wins

Google is slowly but surely racking up government wins and has some pretty big names under its belt so far. For example, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, the U.S. Coast Guard, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the...

Ashley Dupre Update

Let's face it, how often do I get to discuss topics as interesting as Ashley Dupre? The short answer is never. I just came across an article discussing how Dupre spent countless hours updating her social networking profiles once the...

Channel Partners

I had a good time at this show and the DC weather was nice after all. I actually walked a great deal outside. Much more than I expected. Perhaps wearing new shoes wasn't so smart after all. It was more...

Off to Channel Partners

I am off to the Channel Partners event today in DC. I have never been there and have no clue what to expect. I am on the Acela Express train now. I was running late this morning and some WiFi...
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