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Apple Subscription Controversy & WeatherBug for Android Honeycomb

Stefanie Mosca in the TMC newsroom details the latest in the Apple subscription policy controversy as well as the latest WeatherBug for Android Honeycomb. I'm a big fan of the app on the iPad - so I can reccomend it...

China Weather Control

Sure you could carry an umbrella if it rains but if you are China, you have a major problem... You make the umbrellas for the world but you are so busy shipping the umbrellas to other countries that you...

I Still Think Vonage is Innovating

Even though not everyone agrees, I believe Vonage is still innovating. OK weather and traffic aren’t the most interesting applications out there but they are sticky. In addition, Vonage is doing the smart thing by coming up with new services...

Vonage is Still Innovating

Hats off to Vonage for innovating. First it was free weather reports for its subscribers and now free traffic reports. This is how you make a sticky service. I give Vonage lots of credit for not focusing on price alone...
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