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Nespresso and Keurig Shows Carriers How to Increase ARPU and Customer Stickiness

Amdocs shows carriers how they can take a commodity business and make it betterTechnology has taken the coffee business to a new level. Nespresso capsules and Keurig K-Kups have brought premium coffee to the masses while simultaneously bringing billions of...

Are .CO Domain Names Important?

Dotcoms are what people recognize most online with .BIZ and others taking a distant back seat. Yet when I heard the .CO domain names were coming I immediately saw how they would be similar enough to .COMs that perhaps they...

Off to ITEXPO West 2007

I am sitting in the airport this morning on my way to LA and reading Russell Shaw’s coverage of new research which discusses how websites of telecom companies are no good. Russell says this is information we already know. Interestingly...

FCC Protects Consumers

Hats off to the FCC who has scolded some retailers who have failed to advertise the TVs they are selling have analog and not digital tuners. There needs to be a Consumer Alert label.   The analog tuners will...
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