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Why Google is Getting Hammered on Twitter for being Evil

Google is being called out by Microsoft for being "evil" and pursuing anti-competitive practicesLast May Google blocked a Microsoft YouTube app from running on its mobile platform Windows Phone causing Microsoft to rewrite it to Google’s specifications. This week the...

Blackberry Outage: Lives Saved, Accidents Down

Abu Dhabi saw accident rates plummet by 40% with no fatal accidents precisely at the time when Blackberry had its three-day outage in the country. Moreover, in Dubai the accident rate dropped by 20% during the same period (perhaps they...

Nokia Lays Off Due to Apple Success

7,000 people will be laid off by Nokia because of loss of market share to Apple. How bad is the situation? Well, a five-year chart of Stock performance of Apple and Nokia shows Apple up 400% and Nokia down about...

Varaha Extends FMC to NEC UNIVERGE

As mobility becomes a larger part of boosting productivity and satisfying the desires of companies to keep workers connected, NEC has partnered with FMC company Varaha to add value to its solutions. NEC has always been a solid tech company...
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