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Interviewed by BusinessWeek About Cablevision Optimum WiFi

I was interviewed recently for an informative article in BusinessWeek regarding Cablevision's Optimum WiFi Service. By now I am sure you know I am a Cablevision Optimum WiFi fan and further feel WiFi is a powerful component of a...

Nokia Says WiMAX is Wireless BetaMax

BetaMax is an interesting technology for Nokia to compare WiMAX to because both technologies end in the last three letters but does it go farther? After all, many will tell you BetaMax was superior to VHS in picture quality, tape...

Time For Google to Buy Sprint?

A while back I wrote about rumors I heard regarding Google purchasing Sprint and since then many people told me they read my story but it is an insane idea that could never happen. Now it seems others are making...

Net Neutrality 2.0

Should service providers be allowed to alter your web pages? The issue came up yet again when Toronto-based Rogers decided to insert messages containing sales messages in web pages they display on their customer’s browsers.   "We are concerned about...
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