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Call Center Flash Demo

Over a decade ago I came across Interactive Intelligence, a company who looked at the call center space as an area ripe with opportunity. They decided to market products which did exactly the opposite of what others were doing at...


For many companies with thousands of call center agents the concept of optimizing contact center performance is akin to optimizing the US government. In either case you must ask yourself how you know when you are truly optimized and the...

Nice Systems

In the wake of the negative VoIP investing news due to the recent Verizon/Vonage court battle, it is great to see BusinessWeek highlighting Nice Systems as a positive investment opportunity precisely because of the migration to VoIP. In addition it...

Spanlink and Workforce Management

If you have ever driven to TMC’s headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut from I95 North you know about congestion. You see there are two exits that are a stone’s throw away from each other – 14 and 15 - and just...
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