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Google Could Lose it's Trademark

Is Google a generic term like Kleenex, Dumpster and Realtor- unworthy of protection with a trademark symbol? The case is pending.Dr. Wikipedia tells us: A trademark is said to become genericized when it begins as a distinctive product identifier but changes in meaning to become...

Quad: The Death of E-mail and Cisco's Social Enterprise Ambitions

Quad moves to the cloud, has native Cius tablet support and offers better interoperability Last week I took a train into the city from TMC’s Connecticut HQ to spend time with the Cisco Quad collaboration team – using Cisco telepresence...

Xerox Transfers 600 Jobs to Indian Outsourcer

Computerworld reports that Xerox will be transferring 600 jobs from around the world to an Indian outsourcer. Employees in California, New York, Oregon and the Netherlands will be affected - Xerox expects a "modest" number of people to participate in...

Let Companies, not Government Create Jobs

Maybe it's because I am a techie or perhaps because I have seen how the post office, tax code and department of motor vehicles works - but I am fairly certain that an investment by Intel - in this case...
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