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Tehrani's Best of CES 2013

There was so much to see at CES – here are some of my favorites. Qi wireless charging, impossibly thin televisions and the smallest electric vehicles on the market are some of my top picks. I hope you like the...

Bluetooth Smart Ready Shows Potential

Bluetooth to me is one of the most convenient technologies I use as it allows me to get rid of the cord from my mobile and desk phones. I am surprised actually that everyone doesn't use a stereo bluetooth headset...

How Smart Products can Transform Health Care

Smart health systems have the potential to transform healtchare and weight-loss in a similar manner to the way electronic spreadsheets transformed corporate analysis and boosted the bottom lineOne of the largest shifts in technology which has silently grown in importance...


I was just spending some time learning about WiBree and how it differs from bluetooth. If bluetooth is a perfect standard allowing just the right range and just the right battery life then perhaps WiBree is a better as it...
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