Disney, Netflix, Blackberry and Disney Outages

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Disney, Netflix, Blackberry and Disney Outages

You would think the happiest place on earth would have the happiest engineers and subsequently would be immune from power outages that take out the rides and other fun attractions. After all, electricity is one of the happiest inventions around.

Sadly, a circuit breaker problem took out many of the fun things to do at Disney's Epcot Center this past week. Tom Keating has the details and I just can't help but wonder after reading Tom's blog if it makes sense to have Goofy in charge of the disaster preparedness at the park. ;)

But it isn't just the small small worlds that had outages this past week. There was Netflix and DirecTV who were both out at the beginning of the week and RIM who at least let us know they were going to be out for up to five hours last night.

I tell you, if all this keeps up we may see people going back to books. Say it isn't so.

If there is a moral to this entry it is that if you are a SaaS provider, you just don't want to end up in blogs and articles as a result of your outages. Be sure you have a great disaster preparedness strategy and test it often.

Pictured below, Tom Keating and Goofy getting quite close. I just hope Disney isn't looking for top VoIP bloggers

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