Angelina Jolie Computer Illiterate

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Angelina Jolie Computer Illiterate

I feel I need to somehow undo the psychological damage of the obesity image from a recent blog by telling you that Angelina Jolie has made tech news. She has stated publicly that she does not know how to turn on a computer.

Normally this would not be news but it seems like every blogger and writer online wants the opportunity to mention "Angie" in their blogs. Perhaps some of us might even post a nice picture of the Hollywood starlet.

Oh, and by the way... Many of the sites mentioning the news seem shocked that "Lara Croft" would be computer unsavvy. After all, she used a bluetooth headset before most people even had one. At least on the silver screen. As "Mrs. Smith" in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, she was computer savvy as well and even used a computer with enhanced memory.

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