Broadsoft CEO Not Happy with Trump Immigration Policy

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Broadsoft CEO Not Happy with Trump Immigration Policy

Silicon Valley is not happy with president Trump and CEOs all seem to be coming out with statements which oppose his actions. Actually, tech companies beyond the valley seem to hold the same views.

BroadSoft CEO Michael Tessler is no exception. He's been a past speaker at ITEXPO (see above) and a visionary in the IP communications space for many years.

He recently said: 

“Today, I am frustrated to be an American. The recent executive order from our new president is an outrageous attack against the values of this country.”

“I also recently became an American citizen after living in the U.S. for many years. I grew up in Canada; both my parents and my friends' parents were immigrants. I grew up with friends from all nationalities and who spoke different languages. This was just the way it was. We all respected other cultures and learned from each other.”

“I had the opportunity to move to the U.S.A. many years ago to pursue my career. When Scott and I decided to move and make the D.C. area our home, it was the multicultural aspect of this neighborhood that reminded me of home. My kids have grown up not even realizing that they are going to school with kids that have grown up around the world, with unique culture and languages. When the elementary school had a potluck dinner, it was an amazing diversity of food and culture. I always felt fortunate that my children could grow up with this diversity.”

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