Checking on the Validity of the MillionDollarHomePage Post

At 2:30 am this morning both daughters woke up. Nicole was hungry – she is 7 months so I was feeding her while my wife was taking care of our older daughter. So while I am feeding Nicole I get to thinking about my blog post from last night. I was sent a press release about the winner of the milliondollarhomepage auction and I wrote about it.

But at 2:00 am you have a different perspective and I got to thinking what If the release was not accurate? After all there were so many bogus bidders on this auction perhaps someone sent me a fabricated release.

The release I received said that a company called won the auction. I just went to eBay to make sure this was accurate and I see another company by the name of Great Deal Depot won the auction. I just sent an e-mail to them to see if perhaps the companies are affiliated somehow. I will keep you posted.

It seems this is legit after all. It checked out. No need to worry. — Rich

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