Dems Bullish on Tech

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Dems Bullish on Tech

Regardless of your political affiliation you must realize the technology boom was stronger under the Clinton administration than Bush. Sure Al Gore didn’t invent the Internet but at least he used it. The fact that Dick Cheney didn’t know what Napster was during his first campaign and the fact the president uses the terms “the Google” and “the Internets” is pathetic. How can the US be leaders in tech if our leaders are so oblivious to the space? Even lovers of the Bush administration realize he has done as much for technology as Kevin Federline has done for Britney Spears.

So from a technology perspective let’s welcome the Democrats with open arms. Sure the party is in bed with Hollywood – typically an anti-technology group but other than that let’s look on the bright side.

Many Dems are pro Silicon Valley and Nancy Pelosi seems to be a staunch tech supporter. Thankfully.

A year ago this month, after extensive meetings with VCs and entrepreneurs, Pelosi unveiled an "innovation agenda" that called, among other things, for broadband access for all Americans, whether it comes via Wi-Fi, WiMAX or a fixed line by 2010.

Also it would seem that Net Neutrality is all but assured under the new leadership and there will be more H-1B visas allowed per year. Business 2.0 has a good story on some other changes to expect.

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