EEOC Finds Silicon Valley filled with Racist, Sexist Criminals

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EEOC Finds Silicon Valley filled with Racist, Sexist Criminals

Expect the summer of deflection to continue.

I have discovered the reason that there is a lack of diversity in Silicon Valley. It is because HR managers there are actively discriminating against women and minorities.

Michelle Maisto over at eWeek explains it all in a piece titled, Tech's Problem Is Bias, Not Qualified Candidates: Report.

Specifically she cites a study from the EEOC which says the following:

Stereotyping and bias, often implicit and unconscious, have led to underutilization of the available workforce. The study concluded: "Stereotyping and bias, often implicit and unconscious, have led to underutilization of the available workforce. The result is an overwhelming dominance of white men and scant participation of African Americans and other racial minorities. …. It has been shown, for example, that men are twice as likely as women to be hired for a job in mathematics when the only difference between candidates is gender.

This is fantastic news actually. We know now that the HR departments – who typically are deeply embedded in the hiring process in Silicon Valley and elsewhere are racist and sexist. Moreover, we know that discrimination based on sex, race, address, sexual orientation, etc. is illegal. We also know the problem is widespread which means there is an abundance of amazingly qualified talented minorities out there who just aren’t being hired.

Since any companies hiring these amazingly talented people would be at a competitive advantage, there must also be collusion between firms to ensure thy are kept from the workforce.

The court case against these sexist Silicon Valley HR departments is building.

We need to know more about them. Who are these secretive, evil people hiring white men at the expense of white and minority women? The US Department of Labor says 76% of them are women.

Huh? What do these women have against other white and minority women? Is there a directive keeping them from hiring the most qualified candidate?

Apparently there is because the government has told us so. After all, who could argue with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission? It’s not like the title of their commission tells us their findings before they even report on anything. It’s not like they lose their need to exist if they don’t find racism, right?

Now, since this is illegal activity, what is the next step? Will we be prosecuting companies that don’t have enough women – even though women are often driving the hiring?

Is Silicon Valley being set up to be a pawn in the 2016 presidential debate – so we can tell people who don’t have a job that it’s the fault of Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook?

After all, if there is illegal activity and the government has shown it to be true then there needs to be consequences, right? If we don’t see any real action taken then we can just chalk this up to the Obama administration doing what it does best – dividing the country based on race, sex, income, etc.

I realize this may offend some of you but hear me out… If they bring charges, I am wrong. If they don’t, I am right.

President Obama has said with tremendous confidence that racism lives in our DNA. To me this is a fascinating genetic algorithm as it causes African Americans and Latinos to be hired in smaller numbers but Indians and Chinese to be hired far more often at higher salaries. But if the skin color of Indians and African Americans is virtually identical, we obviously can’t be racist against skin color. It has to be country of birth driving our decisions.

So, in our DNA is a database – passed on from parent to child, filled with countries we do and don’t like. Once we ask a person where they are from, we are then able to discriminate against them accordingly.

Interestingly, our DNA dates back to at least six-million years while many modern countries are only hundreds of years old. So this database has to somehow update itself as new countries are settled, named and renamed after wars etc.

So if I understand the way this works, if you are racist against Crimeans but not Russians, when Russia annexed Crimea, your racism ceased.

After further reflection it seems only a brain twisted enough to bring us common core could make so many incorrect statements about reality.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder  said we are a nation of cowards and need to have a conversation about race, just before our African American president appointed another African American, Loretta Lynch to take over this extremely prestigious position. If we do have this talk, can we please start with the country-based DNA racism algorithm outlined above?

Let's get to the real problem, shall we?

When a country spends more on education than all others and their students rank 22 and their scores on math continue to drop, tech companies are not to blame. Could any fault lie with the Department of Education? Teachers unions? Our president? No, that doesn’t make sense – it must be the fault of the companies creating the jobs. They’re the evil ones as Bernie Sanders has advised us.

This my friends is called deflection – it is used to blame others for problems you, yourself are part of.

It is how community organizers and politicians manipulate – divide then conquer us as they enrich themselves.

Would I like to see more minorities at the tech companies we cover? Of course! But blaming companies looking to hire the best and brightest isn’t the way to get there. The US education system is in shambles. A simple example is New York City,  one of the richest areas in the country with some of the highest taxes. The high school dropout rate is 22% and of the remaining 78% graduating, 80% are illiterate! Assuming the dropouts are illiterate as well, the total people leaving high school illiterate is 84%. By the way 71% of the students in NYC are hispanic and black showing us how our schools are truly failing minorities.

Does the Obama administration really advocate adding a slew of illiterate people to the payrolls of Cisco, Slack and HP? Apparently. We really should call this the common core administration.

bigstock-Tired-College-Student-Girl-Stu-84378257 (1).jpg

The Democrats have become synonymous with teachers unions and the Department of Education. They also represent most every inner-city and have for decades. In fact, if you look at the poorest cities in the nation they have been in the hands of this party for as many as 100 years!  If they are to be elected in 2016, they have to keep pushing the narrative that the problems they are responsible for are really the fault of someone else. Expect the summer of deflection to continue - coupled of course with proclamations that anyone running against the Democratic party is racist and sexist.

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