Excited to Judge #AARPInnovationAwards for Caregiver Solutions

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Excited to Judge #AARPInnovationAwards for Caregiver Solutions

I’m excited to be part of a new AARP initiative!ICA-AARP-Preferred.png

I will be on a panel of distinguished judges for the AARP Innovation Champion Awards which will recognize and reward ageless innovation in technology with a focus on caregiving.

Nominate/submit your own company, an individual or other companies—for FREE— developing products and services to benefit and simplify the lives of caregivers.

Awards submissions will be accepted in six categories: daily essential activities, caregiver quality of life, health and safety awareness, care coordination, social well-being and transition support.

Submissions will be accepted until April 15 and winners will be announced in June. (More information):

Show us what you got!

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