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IPitomy: Branica's Latest Creation

January 3, 2008

Nick Branica is one of the few living legends in telecom having been responsible for the voicemail vendor Key Voice Technologies. This company was purchased in the nineties by Comdial and is credited by many for allowing Comdial to stay afloat during its rough years of operation late in its history.

Branica was President and CEO of both Key Voice and Comdial and to this day many in the reseller channel - those people who we affectionately know as interconnects appreciate the wonderfully reliable voicemail systems built by this man's company.

Branica's latest creation is IPitomy, a company making IP PBXs which are adapted quite well as key system replacements. In a conversation by telephone I had a chance to ask Branica about how his company's solutions are suited to small business. Here are some of the features he explained his systems have/can:

Busy lamp fields - You can press lit busy lamp and pick up ringing call
Button press to turn forwarding (offsite) on and off
Using speaker phone to announce calls
Using speaker phone as intercom
Also XML features built into the phones to increase functionality
Park list
Go to and see which calls are on park to retrieve
Create key to turn night service on and off from operator position

IPitomy sells through interconnects/VARs and CLECs and Branica explained that one CLEC, Daystar Communications is using an IPitomy PBX to provide converged voice and data services to customers.

Microsoft Paper Clip 2.0

January 3, 2008

This seems like a 2.0 with week with MC Hammer 2.0 news yesterday and now that famous paper clip in Windows has gone 2.0 as well. You know what I mean don't you? When you are starting a Microsoft Word document with Dear First Name, that paper clip appears and starts asking questions.

Most people I know lump the paper clip in the same category usually reserved for people they hate. There is just something so annoying about these characters.

VoIP-News Top Blogs

January 3, 2008

Packet8: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

January 2, 2008

What is not to like about a company that keeps growing its customer base yet stays just under the radar so it isn't sued into oblivion?

8x8's Packet8 service continues to grow nicely and has just reached the 10,000 user milestone . This great news is this is not the consumer market - it is the SMB.

These small companies spend more on telecom service than consumers are more likely to grow their service and are less likely to switch carriers. Of course this is all good news for 8x8 and the company's management has done an impressive job these past years.

I truly believe that 2008 will see ever-more growth in the hosted SMB communications space and 8x8 should do well in such an environment.

Sharper Image Bluetooth Speakers

January 2, 2008

When you think bluetooth speakers, you likely don't think of the high fidelity sound these fine speakers produce.

In a time when consumer electronics device sales are on fire, it is almost impossible to keep track of all the peripheral products which are designed to work with devices such as Blackberrys, iPhones, iPods, etc. To that end, I recently decided to purchase a pair of bluetooth speakers to work with my bluetooth-enabled phone. The idea being that I would like to listen to music without having to plug my phone into a dock.

In this way I am free to still use the phone for other purposes while I enjoy music.

The specific product I purchased was the Sharper Image Bluetooth 2.0 Wireless Hi-Fi Speakers #KO500. I was initially hesitant to buy speakers which at 40 watts for the pair seemed underpowered.

It's Hammer Time… 2.0

January 2, 2008

MC Hammer is not a name we have been hearing about lately but the once hotter than ever music star who subsequently went bankrupt is back and better than ever. What is the name of his new album you may ask? Well, there is no album and instead a website named DanceJam, the self-proclaimed, "First dance-focused social media destination."

The site is currently in beta and if interested you can currently sign up for the mailing list and create an account.

According to a press release the site will allow you to be a dance star, make another person a dance star, explore various dance types and connect with outer dancers and fans.

My thoughts? I think there is a strong chance such a site could become successful but it will likely have to tie into the video game industry to give them a better chance of making it.

See Also:

AP: MC Hammer's next act: Tech entrepreneur

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2008 Airport Battery Rules

December 28, 2007

From the same people who brought you the alternative minimum tax comes something all new for 2008. It's what you have been waiting for. It is the equivalent of the tax code for gadget freaks. It is - virtual drum roll please, the new airport battery rules for 2008.

If you thought the security procedures weren't confusing enough, just wait… 2008 promises to be full of surprises, starting with the first time you encounter a TSA agent who starts to ask you probing questions about the lithium content of your batteries.

Yes, we now have new limits on the batteries we can take with us on flights.

Dell's XPS One desktop

December 28, 2007

I have always wondered why the entire PC market is just so inept. Apple routinely designs better looking computers and charges a premium for such products. Not so for PC makers who think if they keep designing commodity looking products they will do better. Well surprise, this is not a winning strategy.

To drive this point home in fact, Dell has done what I suggested back in a March, 2007 column where I asked if any PC maker can just copy Apple.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

December 28, 2007

Haven’t we all seen those old Western movies with those “Wanted” posters looking for bandits? I know I have. Now it is time for those posters to go high-tech in the form of electronic billboards the FBI will use to display the faces and names of criminals.

As the engadget article points out, be sure to commit your crimes quickly as once these billboards get rolled out, your odds of getting caught for your crimes will likely rise greatly.

I am just wondering what might be next for the FBI and law enforcement in general? Now that they embraced electronic billboards, will web advertising be next?

Technology News Wrap Dec 27, 2007

December 27, 2007

It has been a slow news week as you might imagine and there have been a number of stories which have caught my eye. Stories wrapping up 2007 are rampant and one worth reading is from Mae Kowalke and is titled 2007 VoIP News Highlights from TMCnet. Within the article is a summary of news regarding Microsoft OCS, Vonage, SunRocket and more.   In other news, Sonus got nice recognition as a market leader from Infonetics in a report which states Sonus has captured 26 percent of the worldwide market, with 42% coverage in North America region representing increases over Q2 2007.   A rumor which could be a deal changer for the technology market comes from Seeking Alpha and discusses a potential new Apple device which seems like a Nokia N800 clone. I am a huge fan of the Nokia N800 as it is speedy, has wonderful resolution at 800x480 and can do so much more that a smartphone.
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