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June 5, 2007

WildPackets comes out swinging with a suite on new testing initiatives as part of it’s new OmniAnalysis 5 release.   The testing market seems to be doing very well and it is amazing to see how many new products are being launched in this space and how well companies in this market seem to be doing.   I certainly don’t want to say the market is an easy one to play in but in reality as networks get more complex and real-time applications like voice and video jump on packetized networks, testing becomes essential. Add to this the proliferation of new wired and wireless broadband standards and you have a recipe for rich testing companies.   Now I am not accusing any of the testing companies of being fat and happy because clearly they are innovating. What I am saying is the opportunity seems to be bright in this space.   One company who has launched a major set of new products is WildPackets. I recently caught up with the company’s management team and the briefing was so packed with information I may have set a typing record trying to record it all.

SEO Jobs

June 4, 2007

We have at least one job available in our search engine optimization (SEO) Department.   Technology Marketing Corporation, a media company and leader in the technology space is seeking a fulltime Search Engine Optimization Specialist who is a self-motivated, outgoing individual with a minimum of 2 years of direct working experience in organic search engine optimization. The qualified individual should be looking to lead, succeed, and prosper in a fast-paced business environment.   As an SEO Specialist your main responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:   Conduct technical Web site evaluation and analysis resulting in strategic recommendations to improve the technical and design elements of client sites.   Provide clients with advanced technical documentation, best practices, and direction from a search engine optimization perspective, including:   Technical Recommendations:  
  • URL and Directory Structure
  • URL rewriting
  • Search engine friendly redirects
  • HTML code cleanliness and validation
  • Text and XML based site maps
  • Robots.txt files
  Design Considerations:  
  • Search engine friendly page layouts
  • Image replacement
  • Work with editorial departments and external Web teams to implement optimization recommendations and to educate on proper search engine friendly development methodologies
  • Responsible for continuing to innovate and evolve optimization practices based on research and testing.
  1. Must have a good understanding of Web design and development concepts
  2. Must be proficient in basic HTML and server technologies
  3. Must have a good understanding of CSS  and how it can be leveraged for search engine performance
  4. Must have a basic understanding of Web site scripting languages (ASP, PHP, .NET, etc.)
  5. Must understand the differences between Web server types (Apache, IIS, etc.)
  6. Must have an understanding of Web site hosting  and file access.


June 4, 2007

Recently I sat down with Vivek Pathela the VP of Marketing at Netgear and he shared some of the recent happenings at the company. For example Netgear recently rolled out a new NAS solution which is based on technology from a company they recently acquired called Infrant.   NAS for the SMB with built-in RAID is somewhat interesting to me but what is really worth coverage is the approach the company takes to their NAS solution. They have focused on keeping NAS simple to operate.   Netgear is known for having products that work well in the field and they are embracing SMB telephony with the hope of bringing their easy to use mindset to the world of telecom. The company has partnered with Avaya to resell the New Jersey-based telecom leader’s one-x Quick Edition line of solutions.   Why is the edition quick you ask?

IP Sizzles

June 4, 2007

Ken Camp

June 4, 2007

iPhone Release Date

June 4, 2007

The Merger Satellite Radio Needs

June 3, 2007

Talks of XM and Sirius merging seem to be an on and off affair with many groups against and some even for the proposed merger of satellite radio companies. For my part, I think it is bad for consumers to merge the only two satellite radio companies but there are others who say the price of content would come down if only a single entity emerged. The theory is lower prices for content translate into lower prices for subscribers.   While this may be true, why would any publicly traded company lower prices on anything on a volunteer basis? Generally it is a competitor causing you to lower prices.   Wal-Mart is an exception to this rule it seems as even after it has obliterated local competition it seems to keep prices extremely low.   As I live in southern New England – Connecticut to be specific, I think there is a better merger for satellite radio companies to consider.

Tom Wheeler

June 1, 2007

Communications Optimism

June 1, 2007

Google Gears

May 31, 2007

Google’s announcement that they have launched Google Gears is significant as it means the plethora of web-based applications which once were not able to run without internet connectivity can now function without a connection. The technology is available as open-source meaning there will likely be great interest in using it to develop applications.   When you add the words “open-source” to anything it seems to get people interested.   What does this mean? Simply stated, the one major Achilles heals of web-based applications is their inability to function properly when there is no internet connection.
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