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Upsetting the Soup Nazi

October 17, 2006

I was leaving my car today and left my phone in the car. I hate it when that happens. As often is the case when I leave my phone in the car or house I imagine an emergency call I might miss. This time though I not only reflected on missing calls from important people I also thought what if I see something worth sharing with my blog community.

So my phone has gone from being a peer to peer device to a device allowing conversation with potentially millions of people around the world.

Reuters in Second Life

October 17, 2006

AMD Virtual IT Experience

October 16, 2006

I am not sure what to make of this AMD Virtual IT Experience trade show that is “virtual.” Unlike some shows I have been to, this event seems more like a virtual sales pitch than a show. The exhibits in many cases are no more than self-promotional speeches and PDF documents. I suppose this is all that can be expected but the graphics are pretty cool. What I would have liked would be the ability to interactive with live people at the booths and ask questions.

There is an archived chat by the way but this is really more of an FAQ masquerading as an archived chat.

RadioHandi in VentureBeat Auction

October 10, 2006

There is a great deal of money out here looking for good deals. Private Equity funds, public companies, private companies – they all seem eager for deals and the latest deal in tech is the Google YouTube deal valued at $1.65 billion in Google stock.

In this world of web 2.0 mashups and communities it is probably not surprising to you that some are looking for a way to build a community site allowing the venture community access to the latest tech deals.

Today, Matt Marshall at VentureBeat is launching a new marketplace for emerging technology deals and radiohandi is the first company to go on the block. If you remember I wrote about radiohandi a while back – the site is the ultimate showcase in community building technology.

FCC: AT&T Now Guards the Cheese

October 9, 2006

Many people think one of the best things the FCC ever did was to put someone associated with COMPTEL on the commission. In my conversations at every level of the telecom industry, executives tell me consistently they think the FCC and government do whatever the LECs -- or more recently AT&T wants. If you are a CLEC you have felt the pain of having the government deregulate telecommunications so you could compete only to find out less than ten years later -- surprise -- you really can't compete -- go and find another thing to keep yourself busy. Oh and the billions you invested in your business -- you can just write it off.

Get the Full IP Communications Experience

October 8, 2006

I can't help but feel like a proud parent as we get ready for this week's ITEXPO. The team I work with have absolutely outdone themselves and the scope of this event is beyond my imagination. To think this show started in 1999 at the Hotel Del Coronado a stones throw from the San Diego Convention Center -- it's current home.

As you get ready to come to ITEXPO this week there is one request I would like to make of you and that is this event has more content than any previous event in TMC history and it certainly has as much education as any event I have ever been to. The goal of this blog entry is not to brag but to ensure you are spending enough time in the sessions in the conference rooms and/or on the show floor.

My request is that you plan to have enough time to absorb everything -- the exhibits -- there are more exhibits at this show than ever before -- and all the sessions.

Tech Buyouts Continue

October 7, 2006

Yahoo!/Reuters has a story about why there will be many more tech acquisitions and as I have mentioned before the abundance of money in the financial markets and Sox compliance costs are making it an ideal time for smaller companies to go private -- or let a larger company deal with compliance issues. How is this for optimism?

Jim Davidson, a founding member of private equity firm Silver Lake Partners, told the Reuters Venture Capital Summit in San Francisco last week that he saw "years and years of good deals available," in the technology sector.

My take on all this is M&A activity is fantastic because the exit strategy many companies now rely on is getting acquired. Sox has made it more difficult to go public and Vonage has reinforced the fact your company should generate profit before you go public. So without the M&A option what would these smaller companies use as an exit strategy for their investors?

EvokeTV has it Right

October 7, 2006

Is the future of TV watching building community around programs and having the ultimate “buddy list” as Om infers. Absolutely in my opinion. Communities will grow around all entertainment as they have done around shopping, news and everywhere else. The future of the internet is communities and the marriage of TV and this concept is a natural.

As we have learned time and time again being first doesn’t mean you win the war.

ITEXPO Preview on New Telephony

October 5, 2006

Here is a pre-show write-up on ITEXPO I just saw on New Telephony. Good stuff. In a pre-show meeting yesterday I was just blown away at how much content there is at this show. Certainly if you have been following the ITEXPO topic page of my blog you are keeping up with much of the activity.

Some of the areas worth noting are IMS, IPTV, triple-play, quintuple-play (by, VoIP peering, FMC, SIP trunking, call center 2.0, enterprise IP communications, how to make money reselling VoIP, etc.

IP Communications Investments

October 5, 2006

Recently a reporter called me to ask what the best investments are today in the communications space. I thought about this question for a while and these are my thoughts. What do you think?

I hope to connect with many of you next week at ITEXPO to discuss these matters in detail.



There are a number of trends that will alter the communications landscape of the future. Perhaps the most important trend is the move towards IMS.

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