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Vista Reseller Webinar

April 30, 2007

Marketing in the New World Order

April 29, 2007

Tomorrow I will be speaking in sunny Phoenix, Arizona on “Marketing in the New World Order”. I often write about a plethora of new technologies and tomorrow I get a chance to weave together my knowledge of marketing and technology together and in doing so I hope to shed light on opportunities many companies are not yet taking advantage of.   Building communities, blogging and sites like Twitter will be mentioned as well as Web 2.0 and mashups. I am really looking forward to talking about this subject matter as it is an area I have a tremendous amount of passion for.   I am speaking for a company called Teledirect and the event is open to Teledirect sponsors and customers. If you fit one of these categories I hope to see you there.   Here is a link for more details.

Ed Whitacre Jr.

April 27, 2007

Congratulations to Ed Whitacre Jr. for building a great big telecommunications company from an assortment of smaller ones. Certainly in this case the sum was greater than the parts.   Ed is about to retire and he can consider this my retirement present.   While I have perhaps had a rant or two over the years about net neutrality comments made by Mr. Whitacre, there is not a single person who can deny this man has achieved greatness in the world of communications and technology.   Ed Whitacre Jr. put AT&T back together again and left it in great shape.   The Board of Directors has chosen Randall L. Stephenson, AT&T's chief operating officer, to succeed Whitacre as chairman and CEO.   Randall has tremendous shoes to fill and it may be very tough to keep AT&T’s massive momentum going without even more acquisitions. These could consist of content plays such as perhaps satellite radio, internet companies and even advertising networks. Yahoo!

The Guy Who Won the FJ Cruiser

April 26, 2007

Mitel Acquires Inter-Tel

April 26, 2007

In a $723 Million transaction two of the leaders in the mid-market communications space have teamed up as Mitel has just acquired Inter-Tel. Both companies were very strong players in the mid-size PBX space and both were leaders in staying ahead of the technology curve   Going back to the days of CTI over a decade ago, Mitel and Inter-Tel are established players in IP communications and unified communications.   “We believe this is an outstanding transaction for our stakeholders,” said Inter-Tel CEO Norman Stout. “Mitel and Inter-Tel have state-of-the-art products and complementary channels to market. In particular, we are excited about the opportunities this partnership represents for Inter-Tel’s associates and partners, who we believe will benefit from being part of a larger, growing and dynamic organization that can compete more effectively in the marketplace. We look forward to working with the Mitel team to ensure a rapid and seamless transition.”

The combined company, including Inter-Tel international subsidiaries such as Inter-Tel Europe, Swan Solutions and Lake Communications, will have solutions to address the needs of very small to large businesses globally.

Inflight Texting

April 26, 2007

TMC Beta Tests 3D stereo HD VoIP

April 26, 2007

Webinar Presentation

April 25, 2007

In my never ending quest to amass as much information in my brain as possible, I have begun listening to archived webinars as I work. It turns out I can learn a great deal from such webinars as I answer e-mail and type and blog entry.   This is a great way to absorb even more information during the course of a busy day.   To that end, I am now listening to a Webcast about how to be a better Webcast speaker. I really recommend anyone who speaks on webinars listens to this presentation. I have been listening for the past 10 minutes or so and it is good so far.   Webinar presenter; Ken Molay   Ideas so far:  
  • Make sure you have room temperature water nearby when speaking
  • Don’t speak in a cubicle
  • Do not use carbonated beverages
  • Keep introductory remarks to a minimum
  • No coffee
  • Turn off devices
  • Do not use a speakerphone
  • Use a handset (do Plantronics and GN Netcom know this )
Listen here.

Mapquest and OnStar

April 25, 2007

In what seems to be a very intelligent business decision by all involved, OnStar, the service allowing GM customers to have turn-by-turn in-car directions and Mapquest the web destination allowing online driving instructions have teamed up.   What are the benefits? Up to 5 destinations can be entered into Mapquest and they will be sent to the vehicle. You can always call an OnStar representative to enter the address but in this ATM-dominated everything-web world, who even wants to talk anymore?

Vonage Free to Compete

April 25, 2007

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