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May 4, 2006

I spent a full day at Interop and got to cover the whole show in less than a day which is always a plus. In addition I even got a chance to hit a few receptions and see two wedding parties casually strolling through the casino.

Who would have thought that a strip of desert would become one of the most popular destinations in the country based on gambling, weddings and bachelor parties. Of course there is more... Sports, great restaurants, shows, etc but it is tough to fathom how quickly this strip of sand has blossomed in the past 15 years alone.

But back to the show, there were a few booths towards the front of the hall that did well and some others had good traffic depending on the appeal of their offerings.

Asia Telecom M&A

May 2, 2006

I while back I wrote about the M&A market in telecom and I didn't factor in the Asian players into my analysis. So in order to be balanced, I decided to get a perspective from someone who is intimately involved in the telecom market and who works for UT Starcom, a major Chinese telecom equipment provider. Farshid Mohammadi is a VoIP and IMS industry icon and couldn't be better positioned to tell us where the Chinese/Asian telecom players fit into the overall mix.

Here are his comments:

An interesting phenomena is happening. The Asian vendors who have been the beneficiary of more cost effective labor and manufacturing are finding that to succeed in international markets in any significant way, they would have to staff up in their beachhead markets.

RIM Vs. Visto

May 1, 2006

Blackberry maker Research in Motion must have incorporated on Friday the 13th because they seem to continually be in the spotlight for patent infringement problems. This time it isn't NTP but Visto who wants (take a wild guess) an injunction and monetary damages.

Here is a quote from Tom Keating's blog.

"Friday's sweeping decision against Seven Networks validates our claims that Visto's intellectual property serves as the basis for this industry's birth," said Brian Bogosian, Visto's Chairman, President and CEO. "There was no ambiguity in the jury's decision.  Likewise we believe that RIM's infringement of Visto's technology will be halted. 

TMCnet breaks One Million Unique Visitors

May 1, 2006

I just landed and checked e-mail and one of the first messages I saw is that TMCnet broke one million filtered unique visitors in the month of April 2006.

I was really hoping April would be the month we reached this goal.

I have to thank you once again for visiting TMCnet and helping us achieve this goal. By the way the official number is 1,053,840.

We have two more goals. One is Alexa of 1,000 -- which would put TMCnet in the top 1,000 sites in the entire world. We are currently ranked 1,387 so we are close.

Flying Record

May 1, 2006

I recently contacted the Guinness Book of World Records as I am off yet again to another show. This time -- Vegas -- Interop. They told me not to get my hopes up. I did tell them that the last two flights I had were on time and they said if I have two more flights on time in a row I may place for an on time record.

I have a few important meetings at Interop and am surprised at how few calls I got for meetings as my name is on the press list.

Intel Reorg

April 29, 2006

TV Community

April 29, 2006

Microsoft has recently had a patent approved in an area that allows communities to be built around TV content. The idea is to be able to click on a link in a program and go to a chatroom.

The same idea can obviously work with voice as well. This is a great application for voice communities. Even better – video communities where you send a video clip of what you think about the show, etc.

Perhaps the patent is more complicated than this article lets on but it seems very trivial and I can't imagine anyone getting a patent for something that seems so obvious.

Cable Telephony

April 28, 2006

TMCnet Upgrade

April 28, 2006

The massive amount of traffic we are receiving daily at TMCnet has caused us to continually upgrade our web infrastructure. This weekend or next we will be upgrading vital components with the goal being to provide you faster access to the latest communications technology and news. You may see a slight hiccup this Sunday or next as we transition to a server that sounds more like a jet engine than a computer. I am also convinced I can sear some tuna by touching it to the back of this computational bad boy.

Moreover, much of our software is being tweaked to ensure optimal performance.

940,000 Unique Visitors

April 27, 2006

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