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Yahoo and China

April 20, 2006

It is unclear if Yahoo! really did help convict this Chinese activist but what can Yahoo! do – It has to obey laws in China like it does in every other country. I hope President Bush speaks to China’s president Hu Juntao about this today.

But realistically, China is China and unless there is a revolt from the people what are we really going to change?

Inter-Tel 7000

April 20, 2006

Industry analyst and telecom veteran Mark Ricca says “Inter-Tel has done a masterful job in developing a platform that is being designed to successfully leverage advanced IP technology to provide a rich, intuitive feature set that can be an asset to any business” What is that has Mark so excited ?? The Inter-Tel 7000 of course.

Scaling up to 2,500 users per site, the Inter-Tel 7000 is designed to be a pure, standards-based communications platform utilizing SIP technology at its core. The platform also is designed to be redundant and secure, and to provide easy-to-use interfaces for remote management and configuration.

I can safely say I have never ever seen a release with so much analyst representation. It seems the analysts love Inter-Tel and especially the 7000.

New Way To Die

April 20, 2006

Great news for those considering ending it all using electricity but who think the blow dryer in the bath tub and swimming in the rain are just -- well -- too played out. Release follows below:


IXEurope Sponsors Britain’s Fastest Electric Vehicle in Speed Record Attempt
IXEurope, one of Europe's largest and fastest growing independent datacentre outsourcers, is pleased to announce its continued sponsorship of Primetime Land Speed Engineering as it embarks on its latest Electric Vehicle Land Speed Record Attempt.
(PRWEB) April 20, 2006 -- IXEurope, one of Europe's largest and fastest growing independent datacentre outsourcers, is pleased to announce its continued sponsorship of Primetime Land Speed Engineering as it embarks on its latest Electric Vehicle Land Speed Record Attempt.

On 7 July this year an event unique in British Land Speed history takes place on the runway at RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire when current UK Land Speed Record Holders Primetime Land Speed Engineering will be making an attempt on the British Land Speed Record for Electric Cars using their battery powered streamliner ‘e=motion’.

Primetime’s 700hp electric car is already the fastest vehicle of its kind ever designed and built in the UK, having posted an FIA Accredited 189.9mph during half-power testing in Nevada, USA, last year, although a full attempt for the World Record had to be abandoned due to technical problems.

Guy Willner, the CEO of IXEurope commented: “We are delighted to see this renewed enthusiasm after encountering technical problems at the World Record Attempt in Nevada, USA, last year. The team has been working hard in preparation to ensure nothing can stop them this time. This is a fantastic effort by a world class team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of battery powered technology.

Million Customer VoIP Club

April 20, 2006

Speaking at the ATA next week

April 18, 2006

Yes I am on my way to Louisville, Kentucky to speak on VoIP to a group of hundreds of resellers and next week I get the privilege of addressing a different group altogether – contact center executives. What I like about seeing and meeting with such disparate groups is that I see the different perspectives of the market. I also thoroughly enjoy talking with service providers like I did recently at the Voice Peering Forum in Miami recently.   If anything, addressing different groups keeps me on my toes and the content as fresh as can be. I am always tweaking and trying to find the absolutely most relevant yopics for my presentations.   Here is a release that will hit the wires soon:   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   For More Information, Contact:                                                                                    Kristyn Emenecker                                                                   Co-President, ATA NY Metro Chapter                                                Mercom Systems, Inc.                                                              (201) 507-8800 x.

IMS Party at GlobalComm

April 18, 2006

We are about to announce details of our annual Supercomm – whoops – GlobalComm party that we put on with the IPCC. This is now the third year of this party. Last year it was at Sears Tower, the year before on a cruise ship and now it is bigger and better - at Chicago Landmark Soldier Field.

There is a new theme this year and you cannot miss this event.

It will now be an IMS party co-sponsored by the IMS Forum –formerly the IPCC. It will also be sponsored by TMC's new IMS Magazine and IMS Expo.


April 18, 2006


April 18, 2006

Oracle and Asterisk

April 18, 2006

Sorry about that

April 17, 2006

Sorry about the whole not blogging thing today. I had meant to see the accountant and sign the tax documents a few weeks back but as luck would have it today was the day I saw him. In addition -- despite my best intentions to get in early -- I woke up before 6 am but somehow decided to close my eyes for a second.   Thankfully the kids woke me up a few hours later. I was straight into meetings for a whole day just trying to catch up with e-mail between the words being spoken in the meeting.
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