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CableLabs VoIP Peering RFI

November 22, 2005

I expect the entire cable industry to adopt VoIP peering soon. Take a look at this VoIP Peering RFI from CableLabs. I imagine that I could be right on with my prediction of 2006 being the year of VoIP peering. Still, I want to be a bit cautious as I am still waiting for the year of videoconferencing to finally arrive.

Getting back to VoIP peering, it is exciting to see the major players in the market like cable companies getting into the game. I am equally excited about the world’s next VoIP Peering Summit happening in conjunction with Internet Telephony Conference & Expo East in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, January 24-27, 2006.

Hackers Targeting Programs

November 22, 2005

Pixel Ads

November 22, 2005

The concept is fascinating but if I have to choose between pixel-based ads being a fad or a trend I would have to say fad. I just checked out, one of the companies in this space and was fascinated o see so many ads. Some of the ads reminded me of messages I get in my inbox as spam, making me wonder if there is a need for legitimate advertisers to ever use such a service.

The cost is so low that I am sure advertisers are drawn to the concept just to see if it works. How low?


November 20, 2005

NY Times Goes Offline

November 13, 2005

Killing Backlights

November 12, 2005

I have learned a valuable lesson as of late. Perhaps the most fragile component in a laptop -- while it is off anyway is the screen backlight. The way I know this of course is because I have recently killed 2 or 3 on the same laptop. Coincidence?


November 9, 2005

For some reason when I learned of this website I thought of MC Hammer and Too Legit 2 Quit (Hey Hey) but LooksTooGoodToBeTrue is a real honest-to goodness site that is worth visiting before you get a computer for the first time. Who am I kidding, the site is intended for novices but can help those using PCs for a decade or more. In fact I know someone who recently gave away their entire identity online when they answered an e-mail they thought was from an online site. Ouch!

Anyway for those of you reading this blog you are probably experienced enough to not get taken advantage of online.


November 8, 2005

A lawyer friend of mine detailed a court case he was involved in years ago involving ownership of gas lines criss-crossing the country. He explained how complicated the gas infrastructure of the country is and told me charts of these gas lines would make your eyes blur.

Now it seems these pipelines can be used to transmit and receive broadband via intra-wideband technology. A new technology called Broadband-in-Gas or BiG could become the savior of telecom competition in the US and elsewhere.

A research company called West Technology Research Solutions has a report on this market and if you would like more information, please contact them directly:

For more information, contact:

Contact: Karin Hall
Company: West Technology Research Solutions
Title: Senior Analyst
Phone: 650-940-1196

Grokster And RIAA

November 8, 2005

I have always thought the amazing thing about p2p networks is the inability for them to be shut down as users connect with each other without the need for a centralized host. This week Grokster, the parent corporation who makes the p2p software was forced to shut down and while the company is in talks to sell their assets to a legal file sharing service to launch soon, they can’t stop users from continuing to use the service.

What they can do however is display a message to new users encouraging them to upgrade to a new version that may allow a few listens to a song before you have to pay.

The reason for the shut down of course is the Supreme Court ruling which also says the company has to pay $50 million to the Recording Industry of America.

People will still share files illegally of course by perhaps over time people will be encouraged to listen to music legally. For VoIP providers looking for alternative ways to generate revenue, streaming music and subsequently video are two such methods they employ. Teltel for example has a radio player built into their p2p SIP client.

Perhaps more people will listen to music via their VoIP software now that other p2p networks will have less of an incentive to launch new software and networks for illegal file sharing.

Either way, I expect Apple’s iTunes to benefit from this incident.


AP: Grokster Downloading Service Shuts Down

WSJ: For Grokster, It's the Day the Music Died (paid registration required).

Aswath on SBC

November 7, 2005

Here are Aswath’s comments on the whole SBC/Ed Whitacre debacle. If you understand cricket you will enjoy this post immensely. If not you may learn a thing or two about cricket.

It is my sincere hope that regulators are reading what the bloggers are saying about Whitacre’s comments. Still SBC has to make money in this brave new world and I can understand the frustration in watching competition poaching your customers on lines you supply.

I hope Mr. Whitacre reads this post and also looks at today’s earlier post on ringback tones.

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