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Moore’s Law

June 12, 2006

Good news from Intel for fans of Moore’s Law -- Researchers have found a way to cut chip power consumption by 35 percent.

Using tri-gate transistors is the key.

"Compared to carbon nanotubes, it is far easier to build," said Mike Mayberry, director of components research and vice president of Intel's Technology and Manufacturing Group. "The problem with carbon nanotubes is that no one knows how to put them in a particular spot except by moving them one at a time. Even our smallest chips have millions of transistors, so that is an insurmountable challenge, he continued."

A tri-gate transistor is a component in the standard CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) design, but acts as a better "traffic cop" to control the flow of electrons, surrounding each wire on three sides instead of just one.

Mind Over Matter

June 9, 2006

Verizon's Nancy Gofus

May 26, 2006

AMD in Dell Servers

May 19, 2006

To Akron, Atlanta and Back

May 18, 2006

I had a fun but tiring trip from LaGuardia Airport to Akron, Ohio to Atlanta, GA and back home. I got to fly on AirTran to Ohio and was dreading flying on this airline. For some reason I associate the airline with budget crappy service. Big mistake.

AMD 64 Bit Laptop Chips

May 18, 2006

EVDO in Akron Ohio

May 16, 2006

The one area Verizon Wireless might want to look into is Akron, OH where the EVDO speed rivals snail mail. The good news about my stay is that the University of Akron WiFi Access is ubiquitous throughout their campus. I spoke their today. The one challenge is how tight the WiFi security is.


May 15, 2006

Now that MTV has decided it will compete with iTunes by offering downloads of music and eventually videos, one wonders how many potential competitors there will be in this space. How many can the market bear? Will content providers ever say enough is enough and stop new outlets from getting a hold of their songs and videos?

From where I stand this competition for the consumer will put content providers in a better and better position to negotiate lucrative deals. Then again do content providers even need a service like iTunes or Google?

Triple Play Symposium

May 10, 2006

Apple beats Apple

May 8, 2006

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