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Drivesavers Saving Disks

September 28, 2005


September 16, 2005

Adventures of a Superhero Blogger

Wow! If you want to keep up to date in the inner workings of the Microsoft machine check out Mini Microsoft a blog maintained by an employee that has become the virtual water cooler for all employees to gripe about Microsoft and complain that it has become too bloated and bureaucratic.

The author of the blog works at the company by day and by night writes a blog that is shaking up the company and possibly the management.

The secret identity of the blog’s author is kept from everyone, even the creator of the blog.

Even though the site seems to have a massive amounts of complaints about just about everything Microsoft does, Steve Ballmer explains that 85% of Microsoft employees are very happy to be working for the company and morale is at an all time high.

Still the blog is a good way for outsiders to get a feel for at least how some people feel about working at the world’s largest software company.

Lenovo ThinkPad

September 14, 2005

I was pessimistic about the Lenovo acquisition of IBM’s computing division but have recently changed my mind and for the moment am very impressed by the pace of innovation at Lenovo.

Perhaps IBM bureaucracy was slowing the company down over the years and Lenovo has freed the creative people up. Certainly the ThinkPad notebook, the flagship of notebooks was quite an achievement but a company like IBM that invents so many new technologies years before others has had a difficult time translating these innovations into profit.

It seems Lenovo is happy to roll out new ThinkPad notebooks at such a rapid clip that even Dell has to be sweating as it looks in its rearview mirror.

We know Lenovo can produce products inexpensively as they are based in China and we know Lenovo can innovate. The question is can they make reliable computers. ThinkPad laptops are rock solid – of course flukes like my T42p dying two days ago need to be ignored by people such as myself as they are likely isolated incidents.

Dell is the company to beat in computing and Lenovo has the formula needed to give the Texas-based company a run for its money.

Google Buys Technorati – Not

September 13, 2005

Tom, I have to disagree with your point about Google buying Technorati. Although there are compelling reasons for Google to do this they can do everything Technorati does and more with a few days of programming. After all legend has it that Google News was built in a few days… Blog search can be built in the same amount of time if not less.

Let’s look at the facts. Google already searches and indexes all the blogs out there anyway.

Continental Airlines Workstations

September 12, 2005

Fiber And VoIP In New Orleans

September 11, 2005

USA Today does a really good job with their technology stories. They really understand what is happening in telecom and other areas of technology and their reporters deserve a lot of credit. I recently added USA Today to my RSS reader and was blown away with the recent story I read titled Rebuilt New Orleans could be cutting edge. The general idea is that New Orleans can be a model city with fiber and IP and VoIP to every home.

Yahoo! Produces Chinese Email

September 10, 2005

I was a bit surprised to learn from this story that a journalist in China was sentenced to jail for ten years after Chinese authorities requested a personal e-mail from Yahoo!. The e-mail was produced and subsequently handed over to Chinese authorities.

Yahoo! Is active in China and is trying to get a percentage of the Chinese market to use its various services.

That leads me to why anyone living in China would want to use an e-mail provider who actually has an office in China. I would imagine using an e-mail provider in another country where China has no authority would be smarter.

I would imagine the same holds true for any country.

Microsoft Hates Google

September 7, 2005

I am not sure whether to be impressed or horrified by the alleged actions of Microsoft execs Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates. On the one hand you must admire their desire to win but on the other, is throwing chairs and shouting obscenities the way to take Google out? According to this article it may not be the right way to do it but it is the way it is being done.

Take a took at this excerpt from the Forbes article:

Lee's evidence follows hot on the heels of sworn evidence from former Microsoft engineer Mark Lucovsky, claiming Chief Executive Steve Ballmer picked up his chair and hurled it across his office, before saying of Google's CEO Eric Schmidt: "I'm going to bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again. I'm going to kill Google"--but punctuated by a couple of obscene gerunds.

One thing is for sure.

Rates Technology and Alcatel

August 25, 2005

In my blog entry on Rates Technology Inc I mentioned Alcatel as in default. Specifically:

After it became impossible to get them covered, RTI recently filed suit for willful patent infringement against Centrepoint Technologies, Inc. for much less money than Mitel and Alcatel (they certainly are a smaller company).

Mitel Networks was sued for $945 Million; Alcatel was sued for $1.155 Billion; and their default is pending in USDC EDNY. Hello Direct, GN Netcom and GN had been sued by RTI for patent infringement, and they recently settled with RTI; the terms are being kept confidential


Since that time I have learned the court has vacated the default meaning it is now in the hands of California courts since Alcatel sued Rates Technology Inc. first in California.

Rates Technology Inc.

April 19, 2005

I have been hearing more and more rumblings in the VoIP industry regarding Jerry Weinberger of Rates Technology Inc. (RTI). I don't get too many people coming to me about patent issues so when I heard about this company, I decided to delve into this potential story a bit more. What intrigued me is that apparently RTI has no products... They exist to collect revenue from other companies.

I did some research and found that Rates Technologies has sued Nortel, Sharp Electronics and others.

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