Is Social Media Doomed?

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Is Social Media Doomed?

Steve Rubel is alarmed that companies are being advised to launch social media programs in order to take advantage of the search engine benefits. Rubel is disturbed by this trend and in my experience, once the companies see an area that can help them at no charge, you just can't stop them.

Spammers have killed e-mail, many forums, blogs and other forms of communications. For example, unless you ave people monitoring every post and trackback ping on blogs your site will be overrun by SEO spammers.

Social networking is just the latest place these people will use to find a way to increase their sales and/or search rank. Resistance is futile in my opinion. I am sorry about the Star Trek reference but asking companies to adhere to "unwritten" rules as he puts it is just not happening.

As we can see with Enron, predatory lending and a host of other areas... Many companies don't even adhere to the laws.

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