Let's Start Drilling

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Let's Start Drilling

Sorry to take a break from covering communications and technology but if oil goes down in price, the world can start focusing on their lives and their professions instead of scrambling to find ways to offset higher oil prices. How on earth our government is not moving faster to get oil prices to drop is beyond me. For the sake of world economies I ask you to ask Congress to allow drilling everywhere.

If you are concerned about the environment (I am as well) we can always stop the drilling at a later date. Am I alone in worrying about $200, $250 or $300+ oil? We need to address these issues immediately.

While we are at it, why aren't politicians funding nuclear power plants, solar companies, windmills and geothermal energy in massive numbers? What exactly are we waiting for. Let's act now and get the price of oil back in line.

See Larry Kudlow's comments for more.

PS: I don't want this blog to get political but if no action is taken on this matter, please remember which party controls congress when you vote this fall.

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