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For some reason when I learned of this website I thought of MC Hammer and Too Legit 2 Quit (Hey Hey) but LooksTooGoodToBeTrue is a real honest-to goodness site that is worth visiting before you get a computer for the first time. Who am I kidding, the site is intended for novices but can help those using PCs for a decade or more. In fact I know someone who recently gave away their entire identity online when they answered an e-mail they thought was from an online site. Ouch!

Anyway for those of you reading this blog you are probably experienced enough to not get taken advantage of online. I leave it in your hands to forward
this site to everyone else who you think is gullible.

Remember, if you ask someone if they knew the word gullible was not in the dictionary and they say “Oh really?” they need to visit this site immediately! Happy surfing.

Tracey Schelmetic has lucid insight on

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