Mediabistro Gives me a Nod

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Mediabistro Gives me a Nod

It is nice to be recognized by your peers -- even if you are called a "number crunching nerd." Mediabistro -- the site dedicated to the business of media mentioned a recent blog post of mine where I compared Quantcast ranks of the candidates on Super Tuesday.

Here is an excerpt:

Our favorite Super Tuesday song: Called, appropriately enough "Super Tuesday" by Hearts of Palm ("McCain is really old, so this is his last chance.")

Our favorite voters guide: (It's like a CosmoGirl! Quiz if CosmoGirl! quizzed you about civil liberties.)

Our favorite Super Tuesday T-shirts: Is it legal to wear these to the polls?

Our favorite Super Tuesday Number-Crunching Nerd: It's a tough fight between the candidates, but Rich Tehrani calls the winner... of the most Web traffic.

I should go on the record and mention that I didn't actually "crunch" any numbers for this blog post... I merely reported. But there is a nice ring to the moniker so I will take it.

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