Million Dollar Weight Loss

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Million Dollar Weight Loss

If you have any doubt what the value of buying the last 1,00 pixels on Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Home Page was take a look at the Alexa graph below. The winning bidder has a website that has skyrocketed on Alexa from obscurity to a one-week average of 7,642.

The site ascended so quickly in fact that there is no 3-month average. This would seem like a smart purchase for the company. In terms of unique visitors, I estimate that at this Alexa ranking and 1 page view per visitor the company is likely attracting 500,000+ unique visitors per month.

Traffic Rank for  (what's this)


1 wk. Avg.

3 mos. Avg.

3 mos. Change





Now that the auction is over I wonder if the pixel ad industry will find a way to sustain the immense traffic it has generated for the various ad sites and the advertisers supporting them.

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