Milliondollarhomepage Auction Takes Off

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Milliondollarhomepage Auction Takes Off

I am not sure if my eyes are deceiving me but it seems the bid price for the last 1,000 pixels of the Milliondollarhomepage are now at about $700,000! That is not a typo mind you. The actual number is $699,100.00. Is it possible that the last 1,000 pixels will generate more revenue than the rest of the site? Pretty cool. B)

Apparently the Alexa rank for this site at the time of the posting on eBay was 127 which is a staggering number putting the site ahead of many of the world’s most visited news sites.

On a related note, here is a link to where TMCnet recently ranked on Alexa today.

update: The bid dropped in 5 minutes to US $152,100.00. Must have been someone not approved at this bid amount.

update #2
: 30 minutes later and the highest bid is $149,900 from office_closeouts. This auction seems to be going backwards

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