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I got this release today about the last thousand pixels on the milliondollarhomepage being purchased. Amazingly I wrote about the wild fluctuations on the downside as a part of this auction. Now the auction which I witnessed with my own eyes as high as $152,100.00 dropped to $38,100 to a weight loss site.

I think a weight loss like this site is a great candidate to purchase these last few pixels as weight loss is a big business.

Perhaps the only surprise is that Vonage didn’t buy the pixels or even AT&T. Think about the publicity value of being written about so frequently as the winner of this auction.

How about a tie-in like this: Save millions with VoIP, see our ad on milliondollarhomepage. Hey, wait a minute. Perhaps
Internet Telephony Conference & Expo should have purchased these pixels. Well, I guess there is always trumpingalex. I wonder if the founder of this site will cut us a break as I was the first to break the story about him.


-Online weight loss marketer outbids the competition for the final ad space on -

NEW YORK– The final 1,000 pixels of the, a new Web site that serves as a conduit for advertisers to gain exposure by purchasing blocks of pixels that will link to their own home page, was purchased today by Elijah Kliger of Brooklyn, NY, director of business development at for the new Web site

The one million pixels on the page were originally sold off at a price of $1 per pixel. Demand for the remaining space on the site was in such high demand that Las Vegas odds makers were predicting that the final 1,000 pixels would be sold for $1million at auction.

Kliger’s winning bid for the final 1,000 pixels of this historical eBay auction was $38,100, far less than the highest bid of $160,000.

According to Kliger, “We are thrilled that is able to be a part of Internet history and we look forward to receiving an excellent response for on”

The, which was created by Alex Tew, a 21-year-old college student from London, England, looking to pay his tuition, has had a remarkable amount of activity with more than 2.7 million page impressions since its inception. is an online retailer of nutritional supplements and other weight loss products.

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