Of Wine, Pastries and Satellite Imagery

France: Home of fine wine, great food and now — satellite imagery second to none. Or second to Google, depending on your perspective.

The French are no fans of Google — they see it as a way of further losing control over their culture. This may be why this announcement makes sure to inform us that this new website has more detail of the French territory than Google Earth.

At the moment I can’t verify this fact because if you go to this new portal you get the following message:

Vous êtes incroyablement nombreux à vous connecter au Géoportail, portail des territoires et des citoyens depuis sa mise en ligne. Nous avons enregistré plusieurs millions de connexions en quelques heures. En raison de cette affluence, le site est actuellement saturé. Nos équipes mettent tout en œuvre pour vous permettre d’y accéder à nouveau dans des conditions de navigation satisfaisantes et vous remercient de l’intérêt que vous portez à ce site interministériel novateur.

Which roughly means there is too much traffic and the site is temporarily down.

Ironically I used Google Translate to figure out what all this means and this is what I got:

You are incredibly numerous to connect you to Géoportail, gate of the territories and the citizens since his setting on line. We recorded several million connections in a few hours. Because of this multitude, the site is currently saturated. Our teams put all works about it to allow you to reach it again under satisfactory conditions of navigation and thank you for the interest which you carry to this innovative interdepartmental site.

Here is CNN’s take.

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