Off to San Jose, Interactive Airport ads and Boingo: I Love this Service

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Off to San Jose, Interactive Airport ads and Boingo: I Love this Service

I flew out of JFK as was pretty amazed to see a new interactive ad format which consists of what you may consider to be a giant tablet on the wall allowing consumers to play games on it. I didn't get a chance to see the company behind the great idea but I did see engagement as there was one person on each of the ads I spied and people watching the person play.

Boingo set me up with an account years ago and even though I am not paying for it, I gladly would (please tell me the Boingo public relations doesn't work weekends  and read comments like this smiley-smile ).

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Boingo now works with GoGo Wireless - but you still have to pay extra to get access to internet while in-flight. Anyway - I didn't get charged and more importantly I didn't have to deal with the GoGo interface for logging on. I have found it to be a bit sluggish - I know, I am in a plane, what do I expect? But the Boingo software just connected me without any effort on my part and with so many other things to deal with while traveling, having software negotiate various WiFi hotspots for me is very helpful.

I am off to San Jose where the TMC team will be meeting with over 150 companies in about two-and-a-half days as we look to bring you the absolute latest news, scoops, insight, analysis and information on what the best and the brightest companies are up to. Here are the details if you want a last-minute meeting.

Some of the companies we will see taken at random are Skype, YouMail, Tropos, Pioneer, Funambol, Proxim Wireless, YouSendIt, Nimble, Amdocs, Saba, Aviat Networks and even Carnegie Mellon University.

We have two mobile video studios which will be in operation which means I will likely have about half the interviews or so - probably around 80 when all is said and done. So as you may expect, I will likely be a bit behind on my typical blog writing, tweeting, Facebook posting, LinkIning, Google plussing, etc.

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