Razr Thin Laptop

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Razr Thin Laptop

Intel has built a laptop just one quarter of an inch thicker than a Motorola Razr. In addition it is loaded with high-end features, state of the art wireless connectivity and other bells, whistles and microphone arrays. The laptop looks like jewelry according to some and is intended to get the market more jazzed about laptops and technology in general.
The question I have always had is why Apple designs look so good and why every PC maker can’t design worth a damn. Sony does it best but still, no one is as good at Apple.
Can’t someone even copy them??
In the car market, virtually the entire country of Japan copied Germans for a decade to gain share. The original Mazda RX-7 in the early eighties looked like a Porsche 924 from the front. You could only tell the difference from the rear.
Now of course Japanese makers have their own identities but when the Japanese auto makers wanted share – they looked to the Teutonic country for serious design inspiration.
So perhaps Intel will push the badly needed innovation along so other computer makers can take the ideas here and run with them.
Here is a BusinessWeek article for more.

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