Sender Verification Goes Mainstream

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Sender Verification Goes Mainstream

Challenge-response technology has been around for awhile and it is one solution to block spam. I sent an e-mail to someone yesterday in response to a press release they sent me. In response I received a challenge e-mail. This e-mail requested I respond to the e-mail to make sure the sender knows I am a real person and not an automated spam blaster. I did respond.

But of course the funny thing is that the sender sent me the first e-mail so my address should have been in their “good” list to begin with.

I found it quite ironic that while I was going through my spam folder today, I noticed an e-mail in the box saying I am now allowed to send e-mail to this person.

The concept of a spam folder is intriguing as I still have to check it. I spend at least 45 minutes each day checking this folder and I have many rules to not only ensure bad e-mail goes into this folder but rules to make sure good e-mail goes back into my inbox. I have other rules that permanently delete e-mail.

I recently wrote about
Goodmail’s CertifiedEmail system. I hope systems like this enable us to reduce the torrent of spam messages we all receive.

Most importantly I hope technology gets us to the point where we don’t have to worry about having a crucial e-mail getting deleted accidentally. If we ever solve the spam problem I imagine world productivity will increase nicely. E-mail as a delivery system not only delivers spam but viruses and worms which also zap productivity.

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