Soylent Makes Some Sick While Trump Reconsiders

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Soylent Makes Some Sick While Trump Reconsiders

In August I wrote about how difficult it is to compete with Silicon Valley companies because they have a media machine that covers them. Case in point was Soylent Vs. Java Pro – essentially the same product but the former came from Northern California investors so it had a built-in PR advantage.

Well, it turns out the built-in advantage works great for positive news like product launches but if your new nutritional bar makes people sick – like the Soylent Bar is doing to many in the media, then you have a negative publicity problem amplified by your huge "Valley" name recognition


Reports of people getting sweaty, throwing up and going to the emergency room, certainly can’t be good for your company’s future. Soylent is claiming that the problems are perhaps allergy related. This could be the case but there are thousands of nutritional supplements and perhaps over 100 nutritional bars on the market and you rarely hear of similar issues. Obviously, this isn’t a medical opinion – just an one based on my experience.

Donald Trump is famous for saying there is no such thing as bad publicity – then again, this weekend, he may be reconsidering that statement.

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