Superconducting Error

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Superconducting Error

So there was this big hoopla last week about superconducting material which works at room temperature. This discovery would have revolutionized the world as we know it. It would have been responsible for better and faster electronics, as well as virtually limitless advances in transportation technology such as trains.

Sadly the discovery of room temperature superconductors was either an error or a misunderstanding... Depending on how you interpret the facts.

Here is an excerpt from Reduced Mass:

Basically the press-release seemed to say that they had achieved superconductivity in a material that could potentially lead to superconductors at room-temp, while other sources were claiming outright that there had been an actual room-temp superconductor. To get to the bottom of it, i contacted Dr. Tse directly and here is what he’s told me.

He was apparently originally misquoted misinterpreted in EETimes (who have since corrected it), which then lead to the other misquotes and subsequent wrong reporting of a new superconductor at room-temperature.

The good news is that perhaps What Dr. Tse and his team have done will eventually lead to room temperature superconductors and that is something worth hoping for.

Here are some resources in case you are interested in learning more:

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