Upsetting the Soup Nazi

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Upsetting the Soup Nazi

I was leaving my car today and left my phone in the car. I hate it when that happens. As often is the case when I leave my phone in the car or house I imagine an emergency call I might miss. This time though I not only reflected on missing calls from important people I also thought what if I see something worth sharing with my blog community.

So my phone has gone from being a peer to peer device to a device allowing conversation with potentially millions of people around the world. As you know I was shopping last night and even blogged about the Little Giant Ladder System.

You probably also know Tom Keating called me the moblogging (mobile blogging) machine. Examples (1, 2, 3).

So I was in the local supermarket and it hit me out of the corner of my eye. Something blogworthy and I kicked myself.

Why? Well it seems the Soup Nazi (Seinfeld fans know what I mean) has launched a line of soups called Original Soup Man.

I went into the mini-refrigerator of soups which I wish I had a snapshot of and saw the selection of soups. It seems many were sold out but there was lots of jambalaya.

Well for those of you who lived in the Jungle at the University of Connecticut (I was at Hurley – freshman and sophomore year) you know Thursday was Jambalaya day. Coincidentally this was also the day where the leftovers from the prior weeks were just barely fresh enough (fresh UCONN large cafeteria food = ultimate oxymoron) to combine together into a food mash-up. Disgusting.

Sorry to digress and I graduated in the eighties before the school had money to invest in food. I truly hope it is better now. It must be. And by the way the food in small dorms was more gourmet style than one could imagine. Really good stuff. As was West campus (do these places even exist anymore?).

On the flipside the chocolate milk and ice cream everywhere were amazing – which explains all the weight I gained.

But I digress – a lot actually. I still haven’t tried the Soup Nazi’s soup soups – I mean the Original Soup Man and I really want to. I wish #1 I had a photo and #2 he isn’t pissed I am calling him a Nazi as at any moment he could tell the supermarket “No soup for You.”

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