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What the Hell.com

If you are interested in going to Hell.com or better yet owning the domain name it will cost you. Saints and sinners alike started the bidding on this domain name recently but failed to reach the $2.3 million reserve required for the URL to change hands.

Many in the blogosphere say Lucifer has been routinely threatening all bidders in an attempt to keep the price from reaching the stratosphere. Rumors abound that Google may be interested in the domain name as an extension to their Google Earth program. According to sources, Google execs think they have gone as far as they can with Google Earth and need new ways to keep the stock humming along.

In typical Google fashion the excellent Google Earth technology is to be replicated in heaven, hell and the afterlife.

After consulting with many analysts in the space -- most of whom as you might imagine have horns and tails -- I have learned that the authorities at Vegas.com are keenly aware of the auction and are sitting on the sidelines to see who picks it up. Apparently, once the auction is complete, a deal will be worked out between the two sites and for every 3-4 visits to Vegas.com you get a free pass to Hell.com. Stay tuned for details and for more serious analysis see this Wall Street Journal article.

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