Temple Run 2 Impressive

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Temple Run 2 Impressive

One of the most addictive iOS and Android games on the market has to be Temple Run but in recent months addicts may have switched to Subway Surfers. At least this is the case based on the informal research I have been doing among my kids and their friends. Now Temple Run 2 is out for iOS and it is really visually stunning. Its a great game with outstanding graphics. Here are some shots for you to check out. The game is free and plays on the same themes as the old one.


Try not to hit any obstacles or fall. If you bump something ,a huge gorilla starts chasing you - instead of three smaller ones. Bump something again and he engulfs and finally eats you.

Some of the new twists are zip lines you jump on, waterfalls you jump over, flames you dodge and a seemingly endless variety of turn options - you have to really pay attention so you dont run off thee cliff.

At a price of free I highly recommend the game - it should provide me a great and addictive distraction between now and ITEXPO next week in Miami.


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