The Best Voice Over IP Event

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The Best Voice Over IP Event

I received a call from an old friend in the contact center business. As you know these are the types of companies that are deploying VoIP like crazy as they are able to save a tremendous amount of money and at the same time change their entire business model.

A company like West for example launched an entire Home Agent strategic differentiating division that runs over a managed VoIP network provided by Level 3.

Getting back to events, my friend wanted to know how the different events stack up against one another. These days, every show on the planet seems to want to be a VoIP show. Knowing we launched the first event in this space focusing bringing in buyers, not industry insiders he asked my how I would explain our conference was the best one for his dollars. This is what I wrote him.

This is now our 11th Internet Telephony Conference and we consistently hear from past conferees that we have the best conference program out there. We dont recycle the same self-promotional speakers that are friends or business partners of the conference chairman who subsequently give you a perspective read (sales-pitch). We have great speakers that are there to educate you and we dont invite the sales people back. This is why our VoIP show has a satisfaction guarantee. You dont have to come to our conference, but if you go to a competing one, please ask for a guarantee in writing before you spend a dime.

Another exciting development is that this event is the only one in the world focuses on VoIP 2.0. Here are the topics that encompass VoIP 2.0. From VoIP peering to p2p VoIP clients to enterprise VoIP to developer and reseller opportunities, this show has it all.

So cutting edge and unbiased content as well as the best and only conference guarantee in the industry.

The case is closed.

My friend signed up for a Diamond plan and is sending 5 people from his company. He would have signed up anyway but sometimes your best friends are the ones that make you think.

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