The French on Google

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The French on Google

For some reason I smile when I hear that the French aren't happy with Google. I don't know why. Perhaps it is because they are complaining about it instead of developing a superior product. The French actually had a product that was essentially the internet decades early in Minitel.

When the French were unhappy with Boeing's domination, they joined up with their fellow Euro-Zone allies and came up with Airbus and thoroughly thrashed Boeing. Can the same thing happen to Google? Perhaps. I can see China and Europe working together to stop the unbelievable growth curve of the world's leading search engine.

The concept is certainly intriguing but I would bet on Microsoft before a new China/Euro start up. If you are interested in a bit more on this topic as well as a Star Trek reference and an insult to Chirac in a single blog entry (I tell you it's like getting to eat fries and dessert in the same meal), click here.

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