The Nuclear Option

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The Nuclear Option

Here is an LA Times story on nuclear energy and how the industry is poised to make a comeback. With all this talk of the imminent construction of new plants, I find it surprising that analysts and experts say the first new plants will take ten years or more to build. By then, who knows where oil prices will be.

Sure, you here people like Rush Limbaugh say that oil is cheaper by the gallon than milk, but Rush, kids don’t drink milk anymore but cars have become SUVs. The price of oil seems to be more volatile by the year. In a decade it could cost more for a gallon of gas than it dose for a gram of uranium.

My take? Keep working on clean burning coal, liquefied coal, wind, solar and hydro electric options. We will likely need every option at our disposal to keep the world powered. I see the need for electronics and computers and gadgets growing exponentially. Video recorders, VoIP phones, wireless CE devices that stream MP3s and TV and videos. There are countless ideas that we haven’t thought of us well that will just suck more and more juice out of today’s electric companies. Nuclear is an option that if deployed securely, can work well to help supply part of the world’s energy needs.

The drawback is where do we put all the nuclear waste. I am thinking the rugged mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan as a start.

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