The TV Broke

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The TV Broke

After eight years of illustrious service my rear-projection TV died. I ordered a new Sony TV online. It is also rear-projection but had good reviews and I think I will like it a lot. The price online was much lower than in the store and although I feel guilty for not buying in the store where I saw the set, if the price difference is huge I am just not going to throw away good money that the oil companies would prefer I donate to a better cause – like lining their pockets for example.
By the way, this weekend I had the displeasure of filling up my tank at what must be the world’s slowest pump. I thought about switching gas stations or even pumps but it would have cost me about $10 just to start and move the car. If time is money, I got robbed twice.

But I digress. We have no TV and a DVD to watch – Meet The Fockers. I tried to convince my wife that my IBM laptop a T42P is great to watch the DVD on as it has very high resolution and the 15” screen is great. We will just put the laptop on the coffee table I proposed.

I may as well have asked government officials to take a shorter vacation at the end of August for the response I got. We contemplated connecting the DVD player to the TV in the bedroom. I imagined the work of having to connect everything up – I was not in the mood.

I had an idea.  I got the laptop out and put it on the coffee table and started the movie. The family was in awe. You gotta love IBM laptops.

I think dimming the lights is what really did it for me as the atmosphere was perfect.

Guess what! I get away with working – checking e-mails and blogging while the kids get changed. Who would have guessed?

I can only imagine how life will change when I start downloading movies or streaming them using IPTV. I am looking forward to the future with great anticipation.

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