The Weakest Link

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The Weakest Link

I woke up sick this morning and fought myself to get up for a few hours. I finally threw in the towel and hoped to sleep it off. Something has been going around for a few weeks my doctor informed me. While in his office he prescribed me medication over a PDA which beamed the info to my pharmacy. I was pretty impressed. I think it was a Palm Treo.

I went to pick up the medications and waited ten minutes. I asked what the delay was. They said they couldn't find my prescription. I told them the doctor sent it via computer. They said "Ohhh, that means we better check the fax machine." I am not kidding. It would have been faster to have the doctor write up the prescription, hand it to me and have me present it to CVS.

I can only assume that CVS corporate gets the data and converts it to a document and faxes it to the appropriate store. The technology is promising but obviously needs to work end-to-end to be effective.

Is there something for us to learn from all of this? I think so. It reminds me of a VoIP installation where everything hasn't been thought out well. Just like my CVS example, technology implementation is only as good as the weakest link. If your network doesn't have QoS or you don't have an SLA, your voice quality may be substandard. Well, you get the idea.

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