TMC Offers Free International Magazines and Launches 5 New Titles

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TMC Offers Free International Magazines and Launches 5 New Titles

Please click here to subscribe to these free publications immediately.

In the last few days TMC has made some amazing announcements regarding our publications. The first bit of news is that our print publications are going digital, meaning they will be available via PDF. Instead of having to wait 2 weeks for the printer to print the magazine and another 2+ weeks for delivery, you will receive your magazine via an e-mail link that will allow you to download a PDF that includes hyperlinks allowing you to get more out of the magazine than print could ever provide. There is nothing like the flexibility of reading a PDF publication with good hyperlinks in it allowing you to go to definitions, stock quotes and other related sites with the click of your mouse. We are working to make our PDF magazines far better than print.

These changes apply to both Internet Telephony and Customer Interaction Solutions magazines. Please note that domestic US subscribers will still be able to get the print magazine if they like and even print and digital if they desire. International subscribers will only be allowed to receive magazines digitally and in all cases they are free. There will be no paid printed magazine option. I should note that International print subscribers used to have to wait months to see domestically printed magazines. This change should be welcome for the entire TMC community.

While we were at it, we have also launched a slew of digital only magazines in 2005. Surprisingly, the new circulation page for these publications has been active for only a few days and yet we already have hundreds of domestic and international subscribers to our new digital magazines.

Here are the new titles:

SIP Magazine
: The Session Initiation Protocol Authority. This is the publication you need to stay on top of the latest in SIP products, services and programming tools. SIP has become an essential protocol in the world of presence, VoIP and contact centers. This publication will detail the concepts and products you need to understand in the world of SIP.

IMS Magazine: The Authority on IP Multimedia Subsystem

Speech-World: The Speech Technologies Authority. This publication will teach you everything you need to know about speech technologies from how to develop applications, implement them and test them. Most importantly we will show you how to select the right product for your organization and we promise to provide a comprehensive editorial vehicle that will help you in your job

WiFi Telephony Magazine: The Magazine of VoWLAN. This is the most exciting area of VoIP, the unwired variety. We are very excited to detail how VoIP will allow us even more flexible communications now that it is un-tethered.

VoIP Developer: The Guide to IP Telephony Hardware and Software Development. There is no question that VoIP provides the greatest area of growth for technology developers and there are so many facets to this market from host media processing (HMP) to SIP stacks to codec use to jitter buffers. Ahh developers, the ultimate nerds. For those of you that know me, you know I was a developer way back in my youth. I miss it. This magazine will be an essential tool for all telecom developers and will help me relive a part of my past.

WiMAX Magazine: The Magazine of Broadband Wireless. WiMAX or as they call it in Europe, HIPERMAN, is the next holy grail for broadband providers. If it is successful it will drastically change the competitive landscape and allow opportunity for severe disruption of business models and entrenched carriers. If it lives up to 10% of the hype it will change the way we access the web, VoIP and how the world communicates. We will bring you the developments as they occur in this exciting new space.

We haven’t decided the frequency of the digital magazines yet and are waiting for the subscriber databases to grow to the many thousands before we officially launch them. In the mean time we are staffing up to present you with the most timely and crucial vehicles you have to keep up to date on the various new technologies we will be covering.

Please click here to subscribe to these free publications immediately.

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